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Server Features
- USA Based server.
- 2000-3000 CPs per monster.
- Free +12 2 Socketed gears for newbie players.
- 7 Awesome characters to choose between.
- A great Chi system and sub-classes.
- Fixed guild interfaces [BP, Arsenal, Ranks..etc] .
- Refinery system works perfectly.
- Max level is 140 with high leveling EXP rate.
- A lot of event's everyday.
- Hunting and leveling zone.
- Professional developers and massive community.

Chat rules
- DO NOT ask to become a Moderator/Owner/GM or PM.
- Only english in the main chatbox, other languages in private chat.
- Spamming or insulting is forbidden.
- DO NOT advertising or you will be permanently BANNED.

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The current server time is:
11/27/2014 07:50:02 am

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